5 important tips to remember in using a “comma” (Study in the Philippines)


How is it important to use the comma in the sentence?

A Comma is a tricky punctuation mark. Yes, that’s true. In fact, it has a lot of purposes and gives meaning to our sentences. Unfortunately, some people used it incorrectly.
“When a comma is misused, whether it is overused or under use, you run the risk of confusing, irritating and frustrating your readers because your sentences are chopped into too many pieces. In some cases, you are unintentionally misinforming readers as well.” -http://www.write.com

To avoid such thing, here are some important things to remember :

  1. Use a comma when you are going to separate words or group of words in a series.

Example sentence:

I need to buy crayons, pencil, sketch pad and other coloring materials for my art subject.

  1. Use a comma to connect two independent clauses with coordinating conjunctions : and, nor, or, but, yet.

Example sentence:

Raine went abroad, and she works there as an Assistant nurse.

  1. Use a comma after introductory prepositional phrases right after more than four words.

Example sentence:

  Though she is timid, she still needs to participate in the class.

  1. Use a comma to set off phrases that express contrast.

Example sentence:

She looks like weird, but fun to be with.

  1. Use comma to appositive phrases.

Additional info: “Appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun right beside it” -www.chompchomp.com

See examples below

Example 1:

My uncle, Jordan, will arrive next week from Australia.

Example 2:

My uncle, Jordan will arrive next week from Australia.

What do you think guys from above examples use the comma correctly?

The correct example is example 1 “My uncle, Jordan, will arrive next week from Australia.”  Which “my uncle” in the sentence names after “Jordan” so the appositive here is “my uncle”.

Why not example2? By reading the phrase, it already confuses the readers.

Furthermore, we should be cautious enough of using the comma punctuation mark in our sentences. Likewise, it can make our written piece explicit to read.

If you have tips to add, you can write it down on the comment box below. 🙂



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