5 Tips in Choosing a Right Course for you (English Courses in the Philippines)


Getting confused on what course to take? Favorably, it is hard for the fresh, high school graduates to decide what course to take before entering the college / university gate. Here are some few tips in picking up a right course for you.

  1. Field of interest.

Know your interest. It is important to know what you love to do. List down what your interests are and found out which is more likely you love to do. If you don’t like solving, don’t take those courses which involves 90% math.

  1. Capabilities and abilities

Every individual has its own capabilities and abilities. Discover and know what your capabilities and abilities are. You are the one who knows it at first. If you know this already, apply it and you will make the most of it.

  1. Do research

    Photofrom :zenithvirtualassistant.com

    Photo  from :zenithvirtualassistant.com

Internet now is a great source of information. You can type it in google and search the course information you want to take and google will provide you the information. Reading the newspaper, watching television, listening radio and people around you is also a good source of information. Talk to people who have been already graduated of the same field you want to take, because they can give advises and tips and by that you can gain information from them.

  1. Cost of study 

Cost of study is one of the factor the student/s must consider before they take or enter the course they wanted to. However, don’t let that factor (cost) be a hindrance on your career choice. Since there are schools offered scholarships for students and there are financial assistance options offered by government, public and private companies for those students who are indigent.

  1. Career Opportunities

After taking the 1-4 tips, you also have to consider this no.5 tip “Career opportunities”.

photofrom : contactsolutions.com.ph/

photofrom : contactsolutions.com.ph/

Review the career opportunities before selecting one. There are a lot of factors to consider like work schedule, responsibilities and benefits, income and find out if the course is still useful for the future employer.

NOTE: Don’t take peer pressure courses. Some are taking courses by peer pressure. That is wrong! Don’t take courses because your friends or your family pressure you to take it. No, that’s a big no with an exclamation point (!) because if you follow them there’s an instance you will get bored and the tendency is that you will not be able to get your diploma. Take a course you wanted and loved to. Follow your heart because in the end you will be the one to face your career choice.


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