5 Ways to Study Effectively (Rates programs to learn English in the Philippines)


          Perhaps, many of us are curious and asked a lot of questions on how to study that will be easy to understand? What technique should I use for? Where should I study? What food to eat to help my mind not to forget? Those are a few of the questions you want to know. Maybe because you are a student, teacher, worker, or just an ordinary person who wants to learn how to achieve them all.

            Here are some things you need to know to improve or answer the questions mentioned above.

1. Find a place

            You must find a quiet place which is not hot and where you are comfortable and undisturbed. You can also play music that you like using your earphone so that others will not be disturbed who also studying beside you. The music helps psychologically to concentrate and to keep your mind alive while studying. You have to remember that environment has a big role in your study.


2. Plan

          You have to plan what materials should you bring and to read. Set a time when you prefer to study like morning, night, or dawn because we have different times that we like to study and if we follow it, the more information we can retain to our memory. Read the subject you want to read first. You can also make a checklist for the subject/book because sometimes we are confused which one to prioritize because of the multitude of study.


3. Learning Style

             Study in the ways you learn best. There are different learning styles like auditory learning, visual learning, and kinesthetic learning. A person who is auditory learner should record key points and let him hear it again through another person. The visual learner could learn by seeing. In this style of learning, it is a big help when he/she uses colors to highlight the keywords in his/her notes or diagrams. He/she could remember easily with images. If you are kinesthetic learner, in order to revise the key points, you should use role-playing methods or building models that represent them.


4. Review

             After you read every subject, just try to remember/recall some key points that possibly be the answers of the questions. Is is easy to recall the information when you digest it well. Meaning to say, you have to understand the ideas you have gathered and after that, you can proceed to another one. There are words or possible answers that difficult to remember, but if you fully understood the concept, then there is a big chance that you will remember them.


5. Take a break

               All of the stressful readings you have been through, the best thing to do is to take a break. It is very important to take rest because our brains need to relax to function very well. You can walk around and get some clean and fresh air. You can also eat healthy snacks like sandwiches or fish. Lastly, remember the things that could inspire you most such as family, situation, dreams, etc. to have encouragement to do so.


          “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” – Marily Vos Savant

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