Day of Philippine Culture! (Rates programs to learn English in the Philippines)


Another Culture celebrated in Genius English Proficiency Academy, and it’s Philippine Culture! Philippine was the third country featured this year. Filipino teachers wore Philippine traditional dress. Barong was worn by men and Filipiniana or other ethnic clothes by female’s teachers.

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Filipino games played during break time which introduced and prepared by our Filipino teachers. Both Genius students and teachers joined the game. First filipino game played was Sipa(means kick or to kick it) it is one of the traditional Filipino games it’s similar to speak takraw sport.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (33)Teacher Marly played sipa.

Another Filipino game played was tumbang preso.

filipino_day_geniusenglishZaya (Mongolia) played tumbang preso. And guess? she hit the base. Congrats Zaya!

filipino_day_geniusenglish (2).JPG

filipino_day_geniusenglish (4).JPG       Luksong tinik.


Last is syato, but some Filipinos called it “shatong”. To play syato or shatong you will need a short stick and a long stick. Every team will take its turn. The first team will fling the short stick off the small hole where the short stick is place using the long stick. Presently he/she should be watchful that the opponent does not get the short stick. In the event that the other group gets is, the present group loses their turn and the restricting group takes their swing to heave the short stick.

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filipino_day_geniusenglish (30)

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The above mentioned Filipino games played mostly by Filipino children. Since Filipino culture was the highlight of this Culture day celebration in Genius English Proficiency Academy, Filipino games were introduced and played. Both students and teachers were joining and enjoying the moment in playing games. And it’s nice to see that lots of students were participating though they don’t even familiar on it but still they cooperate. Thanks Students! That is why Genius English Proficiency Academy  brought about the Culture Day so that the students can show off their culture and not just that but also to practice and enhance every students English skills.

Night then, a short Philippine culture and history presentation was presented to the audience. The program was started singing the Philippine National Anthem.

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After that, the celebration continues. To know more about the Philippines or Pearl of the Orient Seas, there was a Philippine culture and history presentation.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (56)

filipino_day_geniusenglish (61)

Then, another game was played called “pulvoron eating game”. To those who don’t know what is “pulvoron”? Pulvoron is a sweet food. It is made up of Milk powder, milk liquid and sugar. One person presented for each country. The presentors must eat the pulvoron and swallow it in 10 seconds after that they will say the word ” Mabuhay”.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (70)The Pulvoron eating game.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (71)The pulvoron eating game.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (72).JPGThe pulvoron eating game.

It’s a fun game and everyone is enjoying it. After, two gorgeous Filipina teachers serenade us Filipino song

filipino_day_geniusenglish (63)Teacher Monique.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (75).JPGTeacher Red.

and the celebration will not end without eating variety delicious Filipino Foods! Don’t miss to taste it! Before that, teachers who were assigned to the foods introduced it first to let the audience know what they will be eaten after.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (51).JPG

filipino_day_geniusenglish (78).JPGTeacher April inroduced to us the mango.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (79).JPGTeacher Jesel inroduced as the Balot.

filipino_day_geniusenglish (81).JPGTeacher Cholo introduced as the Pitsi-pitsi and the cassave cake.

I think everyone was hungry and couldn’t wait to taste it! Me too! 😀

filipino_day_geniusenglish (84).JPG

filipino_day_geniusenglish (85).JPG

filipino_day_geniusenglish (87).JPG

filipino_day_geniusenglish (89).JPG

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Indeed, it was a great Day of Philippine Culture and everyone is having fun! Thanks Miss Jen (academic head) and teachers for a well-prepared Filipino day and sharing to us the beauty of the Philippines.

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