Genius English celebrates American Day! (IELTS in the Philippines)


Last Wednesday Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated American Day. It is the first time in the academy to celebrate the said event compare to other culture which celebrated for second time.

The Academy’s native teachers, Teacher Lucas and Douglas hosted the American Day. They shared with everyone the History of America, Holidays, Traditions and cultures. One of the America’s cultures they shared was their Halloween Bash. Based on their presentation, they celebrate Halloween by dressing costumes like witches and ghost and knocking neighborhood’s door. In addition to, they say “Trick or Treat” hoping for some candies to fill in on their bag. Also they’re popular food “Hamburger”that usually can be bought in fastfood.

genius_english_american_day_culture (5)genius_english_american_day_culture (6)

Right after the presentation, teacher Douglas sang a song for everyone that made the day ignite! Can you believe it that Teacher Douglas can sing? I mean can you believe it that teacher Douglas has a lovely voice when he sings? Oh Yeah, I got the appropriate word LOVELY voice. Well, that made surprise to someone who didn’t know that he has it and he can.

genius_english_american_day_culture (1)

After a while, sweet sodas distributed to everyone. Another culture had been exposed. Thank you Teacher Lucas and Teacher Douglas for a blast American Day!

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