Another Passers of Genius – (Study in the Philippines)

Another moment to celebrate the success of our students who passed the IELTS and TOEIC Examinations.

Aslan studied at Genius in February this year. Yuta studied at Genius on April this year, and Toshiki studied at Genius in September this year.

There are many students who studied at Genius English that are very successful in their careers. By studying the English language helps them a lot to step up to the next level of their goals. In fact, some students are now working in the big companies. Especially to those who are preparing to study at the Universities, they study thoroughly to improve their English grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, and other aspects to help them more productive in the near future.

English Courses in the Philippines

You can be like them, pursue your dreams to study abroad and meet new friends at our school. You can meet different people with various cultures. Our students are from different countries like Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Russia, Brazil, and a lot more.

At Genius English, not of your whole week will be focused on studying. On weekend, our students will enjoy roaming around to have some fun like having an island hopping, whale shark watching, and other outdoor activities.

Congratulations to all the passers! You make our school very proud. Just continue to dream big and inspire others to move forward.


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