Arabian Day 2016 (English Courses in the Philippines)

Arabian Day 2016 at Genius English Proficiency Academy

     The Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated Arabian Day on November 16, 2016. Mark (Arabian) presented us the geographical location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, places, language, culture, and many more. The country was bordered by these countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, and United Arab Emirates. He also discussed the cities in the country like Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, etc. Riyadh is the capital and most populated city in Saudi Arabia.


        It was so great, especially when you see the way they worship. The others are turning around the holy Kaaba, which built at the center of the most sacred mosque of Islam.

       Trivia: The Kaaba is made of meteorite. It is a piece of debris of meteoroid or asteroid in the outer space. It is covered with black silk cloth and decorated with gold embroidered calligraphy. Muslims believe that it was placed by Abraham and his son Ishmael in a corner of it. It has three pillars inside, and the floor is made of marble and limestone. It measures 12.2 meters (long), 10.7 meters (wide), and 15.2 meters (high).


        So much fun by playing games together with the Arabians and other students in different countries. They played the game like stumping the balloons of their opponents. The last man that will remain will be the winner. They also played the game like getting the coin on the plate that full of flour.

       After the game, Mark gave 10 riyal (the money of Saudi Arabia) to the winners and other participants. Just look at the pictures of the faces of other participants after the game —– the same as Halloween. Aren’t they? 🙂

        The two Arab students showed the native dance steps in their country together with their music itself. There was a lot of information has been discussed in this night.


        After the discussion, the Arabians prepared Arabian food for dinner. They took us at the canteen to eat the prepared food. They want us to eat altogether to feel and see as one family. They cooked various delicious foods earlier for the said event.

        For me, those countries mentioned above are very historical and mysterious. Especially, when we talk about the Holy Bible and Holy Koran. What a great night everyone. To all the Arab people all around the globe, “Happy Arabian Day.” Allahu Akbar.

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