Then Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated another wonderful Arabian Day on June 14, 2017. The celebration was so informative. The Arab students and also their manager Mark showed and discussed the geographical location of each country that composed of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, they also explained to us their culture, especially the way they worship and their traditional clothing. They specifically elaborated regarding the Kaaba in Mecca where the place they worship with. Muslims all over the world should go there at least once a year as long they have money to travel to the said country.

     They also danced their traditional dance and sing their praise and worship song.

    They played different games and every winner had 1 riyal (money of Saudi Arabia) as a reward.

     After the discussion, the Arab students prepared delicious Arabian food at the canteen. All students from different countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, and other countries together with the teachers and staff were joining to eat together as one family.

   The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has countries which are very historical and mysterious. One of those is the Egypt where the great pyramids are built. These remain an unsolved mystery to scientists, historians, and archaeologists.


     Police cars of United Arab Emirates as of this generation are luxurious like Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental, Ferrari FF, Aston Martin One-77, and many more. These cars are necessary to fight crime in a city with so many highways. Many speeding drivers in this country and it is one of the major issues in the UAE.

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     Thank you Arab people for sharing your knowledge and imparting your tradition to each one of us. Until next Arabian Day! 🙂

     The celebration was one of the activities at the number one English proficiency in Cebu, Philippines — the Genius English Proficiency Academy.

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