CANADIAN DAY! (Learn English in the Philippines)


Golden coins, golden palm tree, hockey and etc., are one of those symbols we learnt from last Nationality Day. Can you guess what country, it is? It was from Canada. That’s right!


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Last Wednesday, Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated Canadian Day and it was hosted and prepared by our very own Genius English native Canadian teacher, T.Ray. Teacher Ray presented to us the Canadian cultures, symbols and traditions. Canada is popular with the maple leaf. As what you can see in their flag, the maple leaf is at the center. It has been used as a symbol of Canada for centuries and in fact, it is an important national Canadian Symbol. Moreover, games were played during that day. Like hockey game, were in this game, groups of students played. This is interesting! To play the game, students were using a straw as a hockey stick and a ball. They must put the straw (hockey stick) on their mouth and each of them must push the ball; to do that they need to blow it. However, they should prevent the ball not to fall onto the ground because if it is, they will lose.

Another games played were finding the Golden coin and raffle game.

Furthermore, it’s our pleasure to know the Canadian cultures, traditions, and histories. Thank you, teacher Ray for the wonderful Canadian Day. We really entertained.



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