It’s time to celebrate the Christmas day. The whole world is gladly embracing the cool breeze of December. There are many Christmas lights, decorations, and people who sing the Christmas songs. There are hundreds of Christmas parties happen everyday. Smiling faces, family bondings, Christmas dance contests, amazing Christmas trees, beautiful lanterns hanging around, and busy streets are few of the things you will experience in this time.

If you will be on the street, you will see the sparkling lights on different houses and trees. There is a lot of discounted items in the supermarkets. That’s how Christmas bring you as it is approaching.

At Genius English Proficiency Academy, everyone is now busy to shop some gifts where things are based on the list (Example: something red, something shiny, something blue, etc.) to be given to their manitos and manitas. The school is now ready for the upcoming yearly event, the Genius Christmas Party. When you look at the inside of the school, there are decorations such as this mini village and Christmas lights.

The teachers are now busy preparing for their presentations. The gifts are ready and everyone is now excited to celebrate the party.

Aside from you have many gifts on this season, you should not forget the true meaning of Christmas because Christmas is a season of sharing and loving.


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