Day of American Culture! (Rates programs to learn English in the Philippines)


We learned all about the burgers, traditional “Candy Apple” and popular jazz songs last Wednesday, July 6, 2016 of our next Cultural Day. Can you guess what country is it? The country I am talking about is America. Woooahh America! Yes it is.

It was not the first time to celebrate American Day here in Genius English Proficiency Academy but it was the 2nd time around. However, everyone’s having fun and eager to learn and knew the America’s culture and tradition due to informative slide presentation and question and answer portion related to the celebration. Aside from those burgers, candy apples and popular jazz song of America, we also learn how to play darts like real Americans. Besides, games were played like chair game where participants will pause every time the music will stop. It was entertaining! Everyone’s up and indeed having a moment to savor for. And of course, the celebration would not be complete without the true American invention the Pepsi cola. Thank you to our native teachers for a full immersion of the American culture and traditions! Let’s all say GO AMERICA! wooooohhhhh

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  1. On each weekend, we all colleagues jointly used to watch movie, as fun is also necessary in life.


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