Since the school started years ago, there’s a lot of nationalities studied the English language here to fulfill their dreams and work abroad.

There are different cultures but students would gather as one family. They share their knowledge, talents, and kindness to everyone. At Genius, every culture is well-respected and celebrated by imparting their traditions and interesting things regarding their country. Most of them showed the beautiful attractions, culture, and facts so that the people will be aware of who they are and why they do that.

They joined different indoor and outdoor activities at school to embrace the opportunity to be with friends from different countries and to enhance their English speaking skills through communication. Not just enjoying on land but also in water. They have a chance to watch the marine animals in the sea or feel the cold water from the waterfalls in various areas in the Philippines.

There is a lot of beaches and adventures you must try if you want to enjoy while studying at Genius English Proficiency Academy. Study now and choose Genius English to be part of your success.


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