There are lots of idioms that are used today. Indeed, you will almost hear it everyday and everywhere.

This time, let us talk about the food idioms. Just try to read and understand the meaning of each idiom. Here are some of them. Enjoy learning!


apple of (someone`s) eye
– someone or something that one likes a lot or likes more than others

as black as a skillet
– very black

as cool as a cucumber
– to be calm, to be not nervous or anxious

as flat as a pancake
– very flat

as sweet as honey/sugar
– very sweet

bad apple
– a bad person

bear fruit
– to yield or give results

big cheese
– an important person, a leader

bitter pill to swallow
– something unpleasant that one must accept

bread and butter
– one’s income or job that is used to buy the basic needs of life like food or shelter or clothing

clear the table
– to remove the dishes and other eating utensils from a table after eating

cook (someone’s) goose
– to damage or ruin someone

cut the mustard
– to succeed, to do adequately what needs to be done

eat dirt
– to act humble, to accept another person’s insults or bad treatment

eat like a bird
– to eat only a small amount of food

eat one`s words
– to take back something that one has said, to admit that something is not true

eyes are bigger than one’s stomach
– the amount of food that one takes is greater than what one could possibly eat

forbidden fruit
– something that one finds attractive partly because it is illegal or immoral or prohibited

hard nut to crack
– a difficult person or thing to deal with or get to know

lay an egg
– to give a bad performance of something

melt in one’s mouth
– to taste very good

pie in the sky
– an idea or plan that you think will never happen

salt of the earth
– good/basic/honest/ordinary people

top banana
– the person who is the boss or the top person in a group or organization

walk on eggshells/eggs
– to be very cautious and careful around someone so that he or she does not become angry


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