Genius English Graduation : Divergent from the past


Last Genius English Proficiency Academy Graduation April 22, 2016, was quite different.

           Do you know why? It is because; the student was the one who hosted the graduation ceremony in the person of Martin from Spain. Yes, the student hosted that night! Which is normally it is hosted by the teachers.

        Moreover, Mr. Martin did it well! He delivered the recognition words smoothly though obviously he felt nervous at that time. Good job Mr. Martin!

          Lastly, this kind of activity is one way of enhancing student’s speaking skill as well as their self-esteem. Here at Genius English Proficiency Academy, we also let our students tried to do some things which can help them to improve their English skills like hosting one of the school’s events.

  genius_english_graduation (2)genius_english_graduation (1) Martin (Spanish student) took over the graduation’s certificate.

genius_english_graduation (3)

genius_english_graduation (5)

genius_english_graduation (7)

Congratulations graduates! Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you. AIM HIGH!



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