Genius English Proficiency Academy on its Magically Threeld- Part2


         Three years is already long for an English as Second Language schoolGenius English Proficiency Academy family is very thankful for three years that they still remain strong. There’s a reason to celebrate! 🙂

And now the day has come to celebrate the Magical anniversary! Here’s the glimpse before the Magical event started. A photocall for everybody!

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Not just that, the magical event was started with the red carpet show. Yes, gorgeous ladies and handsome gentlemen walked along on the red carpet wearing their elegant stunning dresses and suits.

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Right after that, the opening salvo started. This is to welcome everyone at the event who imparted their time for this significant event of Genius English English-Anniversary. Then, videos were played like Genius English annual review, improvement of facilities for one year and weekly activities. That’s only the start of the program; there were lots of videos I wanted to share with you in this post. Chill and relax! I will take you first to Genius English anniversary dinner.

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I bet they enjoyed eating tasty foods served for them. 🙂

While everyone still eating, they watched music videos. Uhmm. What‘s on the Music video? Music video was the genius English teachers and students’ presentation. Instead of performing it lively, the production team decided to have a music video for less hassle purposes for the performers. It’s a superb idea though. Everybody was enjoying watching the music video. By the way there were 3 teams: green, red and yellow. Here’s the glimpse, one of the music video. To watch all the music videos  just go to this link ENJOY!

This is the Music Video of the yellow team entitled frozenTRATED.

More for that, Miss Genius T gave a warm and a thankful message to her Genius Family and right after that she together with teacher Douglas and Virginia sung a song Hallelujah. This is to offer and give thanks from above for the blessings He bestowed upon the academy.

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And of course Miss Tatiana gave a present for everyone, a Genius Pillow. Thank you so much Miss Tatiana.

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As I promised from my last post, I will reveal the awards on my part2 post and this is it! That night there were awards given to employees who have been doing their job remarkably for the academy, Music videos awards  and also awards for the night same as magical dress of the night award, soon and so forth. Who’s the winner? The winner is (drum rolls).

These are the Employees who had been given an award because of their job performance. Congratulations!

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These are the Music Video Winners. Congratulations students, staffs and teachers who have been part in the Music Video.

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Special Awardees of the Night. Congratulations!

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Finally, toss of wine. It was led by Teacher Jill, Teacher Cholo, Miss Jen (academic head) and Miss Tatiana. Each of them gave a heartwarming message and wishes for Genius English. And the crowds raise their glasses together and cheers!


After that, was Fireworks display. It was a stunning magical colorful night. Indeed, it was a blast night to zest for. Cheers for more years to Genius English Proficiency Academy. Cheeeeeeerrrrrrrrsssssssssssss…. 😀 😀 😀


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  1. travelmazeMay 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    nice post 🙂
    btw, Congratulations to all of you! More years to this academy.


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