Genius English Students Week end get away- Oslob Trip


              Oslob is a place in Cebu known for its beautiful sea. Therefore, underwater activities are conducted in their place like whale shark watching and snorkeling. Both local and foreign tourists come along in the Oslob to watch and snorkel with the whale shark and experiencing the cold water falls in their popular “Tumalog Falls”.

              Genius English Students went to Oslob for trips as their summer fun weekends get away. First activity they did was whale shark watching and snorkeling. They were excited to see the whales! But to watch and snorkel around with the whale sharks, students must have to ride on a boat. Students were entertained by the view of the beautiful Oslob Sea, and not just that they also enjoyed watching and snorkeling under the sea with the whale sharks.





              After snorkeling around, Genius English students touch down the Tumalog falls! It is 10-15 minutes away from the whale shark watching. Tumalog falls is known for its refreshing waterfalls. Students were feeling relaxed and enjoyed bathing in the waterfalls. Since they were already there, they’ve got the chance to shoot a group selfie in the Tumalog falls. The water was indeed, refreshing!


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              Fourteen of Genius English students came from different culture made and shared unforgettable memories. It was a tiring Oslob trip for them, however it’s filled with awe-inspiring memories together with their superb friends.



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