Halloween Vocabulary (TOEFL in the Philippines)

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Halloween is celebrated every eve of October 31st . Some groups of people, company or organizations, organized Halloween party where hosts and guests dressed up a scary costumes.

Moreover, we perceived and used some Halloween terms or expressions. If you would like to know more some terms about Halloween, here are some of the lists.



Apple – a popular poisoned fruit  which is used by the witch to poisoned person like in  a movie snow white.

Bat – a small flying mammals , vampires are able to turn their selves into bats.

Coffin – a long narrow shaped box in which a dead body is buried. 

Ghosts – disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form.

Haunted house– a scary house or building often sense , by occupied  disembodied spirits.



Monsteran ugly and frightening imaginary creature.

Mummy– a body of a human being or animal that has been preserved and wrapped in bandages. 

Pumpkins – an orange-yellow fruit, usually carved and used as decoration in Halloween as a lantern.

Spooky – a synonym for scary. 

Trick or treat – a popular custom in many countries where children dressed  up scary costumes and going to each household asking sweets or candies.

Vampire an undead creatures who ventures out at night to bit and drink people’s blood.

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Witch – a woman who believes she has magic’s. Known for bringing broomsticks.   

Witchcraft– practiced by witches, a magic.

Wand a stick used for casting spells.

Warlock– a male witch.

Zombie – flesh eating creature.



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