Happy Valentine’s Day Genius! – (IELTS in the Philippines)

IELTS in the Philippines

     It’s raining love at Genius English Proficiency Academy yesterday. There’s a lot of information, games, and talents that were shared last night. The peace, love, sharing, and sweetness were reigned upon us. There are different perceptions and interpretations about love with our students in different countries, staff, and our Genius teachers.

    It’s karaoke time! Our students from Taiwan, and our teachers showcase their talent in singing and sang Taiwanese and English love songs for us. It was great because it’s something like you could reminisce the story of the phenomenal Taiwanese TV series, which was starred by the group F4 entitled Meteor Garden. Also, the most awaited for singing performance of our very own IT manager in Genius English, Mr. John Lope Valmoria.

     After the performances, we played a heart game (something like that :-)). It’s just like picking a half part in that heart and after picking it, you will find the other half on that heart which is with the other person. Looks romantic, right? :-). We played also the Russian game. It was somewhat choosing the best partner and when you are touched by someone who is running between two persons (tunnel), they will go in the tunnel and touch other partners.

     The Arab students showed their sweetness and gave a cake for everyone. There was also a giving of sweet gifts for our students and staff who were the chosen ones.

     Love is everywhere, and we are united by love. Share the love, and happy Valentine’s day everyone! 🙂

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