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If there are food and sports idioms, well, there are also idioms related to marine. When we talk about marine, it means a lot about marine wildlife, structures, or anything that can be found or produced by the sea.

Try to use them in your conversation and surely some of your friends could understand and perhaps will say to you something fishy idiomatic expression.

Here are some of the examples.


A drop in the ocean
*a very small part of what you really need.

A whale of a time
*really enjoying yourself.

All hands on deck.
*the involvement of all members of a team is required.

Big fish in a small pond
*an important person only in a small organization.

TOEFL in the Philippines-1

Drink like a fish.
*to drink too much alcohol.

TOEFL in the Philippines-3

*something suspicious.

Fresh off the boat
*the who knows little or nothing about the country or its culture.

Happy as a clam
*very happy and satisfied.

TOEFL in the Philippines-2

Keep something at bay
*prevent something from harming you.

Like a fish out of water
*very uncomfortable in the situation you are in.

TOEFL in the Philippines-5

Loan shark
*a moneylender who charges very high interest rates.

TOEFL in the Philippines-6

Make waves
*to shock or upset people with something new or different.

Miss the boat
*someone missed his or her chance.

Plain sailing
*smooth and easy progress.Study in the Philippines


Plenty more fish in the sea
*many other people or possibilities to be found.

TOEFL in the Philippines-4

Rock the boat
*to do or say something that will upset people or cause trouble.

Study in the Philippines-2

Run a tight ship
*to control a business or other organization firmly and effectively.

Stem the tide
*to prevent something bad from getting worse.

The coast is clear
*no one is watching.

The world is your oyster
*all opportunities are open to a person and he can get everything he wants.

English Courses in the Philippines

To be at sea
*confused or unable to decide what to do.



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