It’s Mongolian Day! The time for the Mongolian students.

The Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated another awesome Mongolian Day on October 26, 2017.

The Mongolian students presented and explained their culture, history, geographical location, economics, beautiful places, and much more. They also asked questions to the audience some interesting facts about Mongolia.

They also presented the very lively rap songs and dances. The presentation was like a concert. Isn’t it? 🙂

They also sang a mellow Mongolian song with a guitar and showed their native dance.

While other Mongolian students presented, the others prepared Mongolian food. The taste was delicious and one of a kind.

After the discussion, they prepared some Mongolian native game for the audience. It was something like a fortune-telling. Using the ankle bones of camel, horse, goat, and sheep, a person will use the bones as dice and every face and combination of the bones has a meaning that will happen in person’s life according to Mongolian’s belief. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed with their co-students and teachers.

Thank you to all the Mongolian students for the efforts and very nice presentations.

At Genius English, you cannot only learn English but also the culture of other students from different countries. Enroll now and be part of Genius family!


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