Most Frequently Used Idioms – (IELTS in the Philippines)

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Idiom – is a word or a group of words that has a different meaning from the meaning of the words that composed it.

The following are the examples of idiom:

Barking up the wrong tree
Looking in the wrong place. Accusing the wrong person.

Blessing in disguise
Something good that isn’t recognized at first.

Butterflies in my stomach
To be nervous.

Can’t judge a book by its cover
Cannot judge something primarily on appearance.

Cry over spilt milk
When you complain about a loss from the past.

Don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched
Don’t make plans for something that might not happen.

Give the benefit of the doubt
Believe someone’s statement, without proof.

Kill two birds with one stone
To accomplish two different things at the same time.

Make a long story short
Come to the point – leave out details

Once in a blue moon
Meaning: Happens very rarely.

Picture paints a thousand words
A visual presentation is far more descriptive than words.

Sit on the fence
This is used when someone does not want to choose or make a decision.

Take with a grain of salt
This means not to take what someone says too seriously.

English language is an international language. It is very useful throughout your life. It gives you the opportunity to be more productive in your career and gives you happiness to acquaint different people around you.

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