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Why are idioms important? Idioms are important because they will help you to understand the deeper level of language. Even if the words may sound ambiguous, it will not get you confused throughout the conversation. There are many idioms in all languages. Sometimes they use it to hide the true meaning so that little children couldn’t know the real meaning of they are talking about.

This time, we will show you some nature idioms you may hear every day.

a late bloomerEnglish Courses in the Philippines
– someone who is slower than their peers to develop in a particular field.

a shrinking violet
– a shy person.

always chasing rainbows
– trying to do something that you will never achieve.English Courses in the Philippines-5

as fresh as a daisy
– healthy, energetic, youthful.

be in deep water
– to be in serious trouble.

calm before the storm
– an unusual or false quiet period before a period of upheaval.

castles in the airEnglish Courses in the Philippines-1
– plans that are unlikely to happen.

– a word used to describe speech, writing, or language that uses elaborate literary words.

go jump in a lake
– a rude way of telling someone to go away.

– at the most basic level of an organization.

pie in the sky
– a very unrealistic wish or promise.

the storm is brewingEnglish Courses in the Philippines-6
– there is going to be trouble or emotional upset in the near future.

the sky is the limit
– there is no limit.

to bark up the wrong tree
– to completely misunderstand something.

to be down to earth
– to be practical.

to have green fingers or a green thumb
– to have gardening skills.

to hit the hayEnglish Courses in the Philippines-3
– to go to bed.

to let something go
– to neglect something, to let something deteriorate.

to let the grass grow under your feet
– to delay in taking an action.

walk on airEnglish Courses in the Philippines-7
– very excited or happy.

When it rains, it pours
– when bad things occur in large numbers.


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