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These past few days, we have posted the different idioms like food idioms, winter idioms, etc. This time, we will give you the sports idioms and their meanings. You may ask, how important and useful these words are? When people talk to you, you will interpret it literally. In this situation, it will mislead you the correct meaning of the words by that person who is trying to tell about. This has usually happened, especially to the beginners who are studying English language today. That is why it is very important to know the meaning of such idioms to clearly understand and make the conversation meaningful and interesting.

Here are some of the sports idioms that you need to know.


At this stage in the game

at this time.


to not see something coming.

Blow the competition away

to win easily.

Call the shots

to make the decisions.

Drop the ball

to make an error, to miss an opportunity.

Get a head start

to start before all others.

Hit below the belt

do or say something that is very unfair or cruel.

Hit the Bull’s Eye

to reach a big goal.

Jump the gun to start too early.

to start too early.

Level playing field everyone has an equal chance.

everyone has an equal chance.

Light the lamp

to score a goal.

Make the cut

be chosen to be part of a team or group.

On target

doing the right thing to succeed.

On the ballEnglish Courses in the Philippines

to be ready and able.

Race against time

there is almost no time left to accomplish something.

Sink or Swim 

to work hard (swim) or face failure (sink).

Skate on thin ice

to do something risky, take a chance.English Courses in the Philippines-1

Smooth Sailing

going well, as planned, and without any problems.

Take off the gloves

to attack earnestly, without mercy.

Three strikes and you’re out

you only get three chances.

Time Out

break.English Courses in the Philippines-3

Toe the Line

to recognize the authority and abides by the rules.


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