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15 Funny Tongue Twisters – (IELTS in the Philippines)

Studying the English language is funny, especially when you read some difficult and funny tongue twisters. If it’s tough to pronounce the native words that you used to speak with, how much more in another language? The pronunciation is quite hard to do but when you practice it everyday, the Read more…

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Tourism Vocabulary – (IELTS in the Philippines)

Aren’t you familiar with the English terminologies and want to travel abroad? You must read this blog and this will help you widen your vocabulary. Just familiarize each word and surely you can use it for your conversation and can conquer your fear in traveling to other countries. The following Read more…

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Marine Idioms – (IELTS in the Philippines)

If there are food and sports idioms, well, there are also idioms related to marine. When we talk about marine, it means a lot about marine wildlife, structures, or anything that can be found or produced by the sea. Try to use them in your conversation and surely some of Read more…

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Weather Vocabulary – (English courses in the Philippines)

Sometimes, you cannot fully understand the reports about the weather forecast. Every word is very important when it comes to the emergencies and disasters like typhoons, tornadoes, and a lot more. To have some idea, read this blog and know the meaning of the words related to the weather. Breeze Read more…

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Difference Between Verb and Adverb – (IELTS in the Philippines)

It sounds so easy to many of us, but others might forget the meaning especially the difference and usage between them. Here is a simple explanation of verb and adverb. Now, let us have the meaning of a verb. A verb expresses an action either physically or mentally. Here are Read more…

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Another Passers of Genius – (Study in the Philippines)

Another moment to celebrate the success of our students who passed the IELTS and TOEIC Examinations. Aslan studied at Genius in February this year. Yuta studied at Genius on April this year, and Toshiki studied at Genius in September this year. There are many students who studied at Genius English Read more…

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