“TEACHER TRAINING!” (Rates programs to learn English in the Philippines)

It’s another day for the Genius teachers to refresh, relearn, discover, and share their knowledge and experiences with one another. This time, things became a little more intense! And by intense, we mean more detailed and thorough discussions about certain topics regarding grammar lessons and how to deliver them effectively, common problems students have with grammar, and similar matters. And of course the pizza, cakes, and drinks also fit the description (more on that later :D).


To kick start the event, Teacher Sarah delivered a very thorough discussion about verb tenses and common difficulties the learners encounter along the way.



Other teachers were also welcome to stand in front and add some more useful insights. Here we can see Teacher Israel imparting his point of view about students while Teacher Jill is taking a video coverage on what’s taking place.


And to our surprise, one of our beloved Arabian students marched in with a care package! Three huge boxes of cakes with some refreshments arrived. Zaid was very generous to provide us with enough sugary fuel to keep us going! Thank you very much, Zaid!

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After the short break, Teacher Marly took over to talk about passive and active voice and the different forms of conditionals.



Unbelievably, the whole training session passed by so quickly. BUT NOT AS QUICKLY AS THE PIZZA! 😀
To top that off, Teacher Feodda brought a special treat for everybody! Her home made “buko pandan” was the highlight of the feast.

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To most people, Saturdays are usually a time for them to relax and not think about work, but Genius teachers always look forward to the next Saturday they can get together, learn, share and have fun!



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