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Aren’t you familiar with the English terminologies and want to travel abroad? You must read this blog and this will help you widen your vocabulary. Just familiarize each word and surely you can use it for your conversation and can conquer your fear in traveling to other countries.

The following words are mostly used when you travel from the airport to the destination you want to go to.

Here are some of the examples. Enjoy learning!

foreign countries considered collectively.

a room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay.

something that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement.

admission fee
the fee charged for admission.

a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the ocean between high- and low-water marks.

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reserve (accommodations, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance.

a small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service.

business travel
a trip undertaken for work or business purposes, as opposed to other types of travel, such as for leisure purposes.

the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.

Study English-1

camping site/campsite
a place used for camping.

car hire
a rental car.

car park
a parking lot or parking garage.

a group of people, especially traders or pilgrims, traveling together.

city centre
the central part or main business and commercial area of a city.

the sport or activity of ascending mountains or cliffs.

Study English-4

the owner or operator of a concession; especially: one that operates a refreshment stand at a recreational center.

a resident in an apartment building who serves as doorkeeper, landlord’s representative, and janitor.

to give new assurance of the validity of; remove doubt about by the authoritative act or indisputable fact.

a person employed to guide and assist a group of tourists.

take a vacation on a ship or boat following a predetermined course, usually calling in at several ports.

the place to which someone or something is going or being sent.

double room
has a double bed in a room; usually a room that good for 2 persons.

refer to a city’s core or central business district (CBD), often in a geographical or commercial sense.

operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle.

a vacation tour or package that showcases ecology (wildlife, etc.) or is ecologically friendly.

an amount of money charged for a service or for the use of something.

a trip made by or in an airplane or spacecraft.

to operate or travel in an airplane or spacecraft.

a period of 14 days; two weeks.

a private house offering accommodations to paying guests.

a person whose job it is to show a place or a route to visitors.

head tax
a uniform tax imposed on each person.

high season
the time of year when the greatest number of people visit a place and when the prices are at their highest level.

walk for a long distance, especially across country.

hiking trail
a specially designated route for hikers to use.

a day on which one is exempt from work; a day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event.

an establishment that provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers.

an establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists.

Study English-2

hotel chain
a group of hotels which belong to the same company or owner, or are associated in some way.

inbound tourism
a person from his/her home country travels to another country for not less than 24 hours and not more than few months.

a hotel; a small hotel, often with a restaurant.

a small, light, narrow boat, pointed at both ends, with a covering over the top, which is moved by using a paddle.

Study English-3

leisure travel
a travel in which the primary motivation is to take a vacation from everyday life.

a particular place or position.

low season
the period in the year when the fewest people visit a place and when the prices are at their lowest level.

the sport or activity of climbing mountains.

natural attraction
basically means things to visit that have not been man-made. So not a Zoo or a Theme park but a volcano or a cave that is worth visiting.

one-way ticket
a ticket that allows a passenger to travel only to their destination, without returning.

package deal
a set of arrangements that must be accepted together and not separately.

parking lot
an area used for the parking of motor vehicles.

Study English-6

an official document provided by the government of a particular country which shows that the owner is a citizen of that country and allows that person to travel to foreign countries.

a picture made using a camera.

a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

pay someone for the use of (something, typically property, land, or a car).

the action of reserving something.

a place where people can go on vacations to relax or for an activity they enjoy.

Study English-7

return ticket
a ticket to a place and back (usually over the same route).

round-trip ticket
a ticket that allows a person to travel to one place and then return back to the place he or she left.

one of the four parts a year is divided into; spring, summer, fall, or winter.

the act of visiting interesting places, especially while on vacation.

single room
a room with enough space for a single bed, with a single bed.

single ticket
a journey from one place to another but not back again.

ski resort
a resort developed for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

the art or sport of sliding and jumping on skis.

something you keep or give to remember a special visit or event.

remain in the same place.

sit or lie in the sun, especially to tan the skin.

Study English-8

a cream or lotion for protecting the skin from the sun and preventing sunburn.

sore, red skin caused by too much time in the sun.

glasses to protect the eyes from the sun.

Study English-9

to move through water by moving parts of the body.

Study English-10

a government charge on goods entering or leaving a country.

theme park
a large, permanent area for public entertainment, with amusements, rides, food, etc., all connected with a single subject.

a visit to a place or area, esp. one during which you look around the place or area and learn about it.

tour operator
a travel agent specializing in package vacations.

the business of providing services, such as transportation, places to stay, or entertainment, for tourists.

tourist office
a place where tourists can go to get information, to make bookings, etc.

make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.

travel agency
an agency that makes the necessary arrangements for travelers, especially the booking of airline tickets and hotel rooms.

a period of time to relax or travel for pleasure instead of doing your usual work or school activities.

a long journey involving travel by sea or in space.

waiting list
a list of people waiting for something.

world heritage area
a landmark or area which is selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having a cultural, historical, scientific or other form of significance, and is legally protected by international treaties.

youth hostel
a place providing cheap accommodations aimed mainly at young people on hiking or cycling tours.


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