Valentine’s Day Vocabulary (IELTS in the Philippines, TOEFL in the Philippines)


      In February, most of the people celebrate the Valentine’s day. Here are some common words you usually heard about during this celebration. Take time to read and enhance your vocabulary here. It is just simple yet helpful, especially to those people who are starting to learn English.

bouquet – a bunch of flowers.

Example: I bought my wife a nice bouquet for her birthday.

boyfriend – a male romantic companion.

Example: Her boyfriend always brings her flowers for Valentine’s Day.

candy – crystallized sugar formed by boiling down sugar syrup.

Example: My friend gave me a candy yesterday.

card – a flat stiff usually small and rectangular piece of material (as paper, cardboard, or plastic) usually bearing information: such as (1) : postcard (2) : visiting card (3) : business card.

chocolate – a food that is made from cacao beans and that is eaten as candy or used as a flavoring ingredient in other sweet foods.

Example: The cake recipe calls for four squares of chocolate.

courtship – the act, process, or period of courting.

Example: They had a two-year courtship before marrying.

Cupid – the Roman god of erotic love.

endearment – a word or phrase that shows love or affection.

February – the second month of the year.

Example: Others say that February is the month of love.

girlfriend – a woman that someone is having a romantic relationship with.

Example: He spends hours talking on the phone with his girlfriend.

heart – something resembling a heart in shape; specifically : a stylized representation of a heart.

Example: A card decorated with hearts and flowers.

romantic – a person who thinks a lot about love and does and says things that show strong feelings of love for someone.

Example: She had romantic feelings for him.

rose – a flower with a sweet smell that is usually white, yellow, red, or pink and that grows on a bush which has thorns on the stems.

Example: Trina was given three red roses by Troy on Valentine’s day.

suitor – a man who wants to marry a particular woman.

Example: He was her most persistent suitor, and she eventually agreed to marry him.

valentine – a card or gift that you give usually to someone you love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day – February 14 observed as a time for sending valentines.

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