WE PROVE YOU CAN! (English Courses in the Philippines, IELTS in the Philippines)

     We prove you can! This is the line that would like to emphasize with the number one English language school in the Philippines — the Genius English Proficiency Academy.

    We have new members of our family, the new students from different countries like Japan, Mongolia, Russia, and Korea.

     They are enrolling different English courses in our school. Our school offers courses like General English, Business English, IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL. Most of our students wanted to study English for their future. They are not studying because they want to travel in different countries only, but also to they know that by studying English there is a good effect for their career in the near future.

     We celebrated the welcome party on Monday in the evening together with the other students who are also studying English language here. By this, they can acquaint with each other and know more each of them. Although they are from different countries, but their bond is just like as one family. They can enjoy different tourist attractions in the Philippines like adventurous places, clear water of various beaches, and many more while studying English.

     At this moment, they played like a “name that thing” game. Before introducing their selves, the students must pick a paper with corresponding character, profession, or animal that was written which should be characterized in front and the other students will answer it.

     They will study English with our Genius teachers. Welcome to the Philippines students! We prove you can!

For more information and inquiries:

Website: www.studyenglishgenius.com
Russian website : www.studyenglishgenius.com/ru/
E-mail: info@studyenglishgenius.com
Skype ID: geniusenglishacademy

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