World Teachers’ Day 2017- (IELTS in the Philippines)

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The Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated the World Teachers’ Day on October 5, 2017.

The celebration was participated by all the teachers at Genius English and hosted by our beloved Brazilian students (Cassia and Glauber) and Japanese student/staff, Sotaro.

The students expressed their heartwarming messages to their teachers.

The teachers and some students sang the beautiful love songs with their awesome voices that chilled and energized the audience (some teachers, staff, and students from different countries like Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, Brazil, France, etc.)

The Japanese students prepared a very funny presentation like they will eat using other person’s arms.

The students gave some gifts like flowers, chocolates, and small paper lantern where your wishes will be written that you want to come true.

Before and after the presentation, they took pictures at the picture booth with a beautiful background where the teachers’ faces are in. These gifts were the symbols of their love and gratitude to their teachers they treasured the most.

At the last part of the presentation, the video was played, featuring all the Genius English Proficiency Academy teachers. You can watch the video through these links and


– The World Teachers’ Day was started since 1994.

– The aim of the celebration is to ensure the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers and to mobilize support for teachers worldwide.


All of us had a great night with the amazing presentations and very touching messages.

To all the teachers around the world, we genuinely salute you all for your efforts, wisdom, knowledge, and perseverance that you imparted to all the learners. We thank you for molding the future of the individuals from generation to generation.

Happy Teachers’ Day! 🙂

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