Yoga at Genius – (IELTS in the Philippines)

It was the first time to conduct a Yoga tutorial at Genius English Proficiency Academy. Our generous student (Ran Matsunaga) from Japan taught other students about yoga and its benefits. It helped them a lot to relax their bodies and minds. Some of them were first timers in doing it.

They looked so nice and relaxing when they executed some poses of yoga.

It was a 3-day Yoga tutorial for 1-2 hours every session, started on October 5 and was followed on 10th and 12th day.


– Yoga is not just about stretching exercises every day. It is a combination of three things: different postures, breathing patterns, and meditation.

– Yoga exercises not only keep the joints healthy but also bring relief to people suffering from arthritis.


At Genius English, you are very welcome to share your knowledge and skills as what Ran Matsunaga did in Yoga. This school is your opportunity to meet different nationalities all over the world who study English. You will learn their culture and traditions by acquainting each other as one family.

Study IELTS in the Philippines at Genius English Proficiency Academy and be part of Genius family. WE PROVE YOU CAN!


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