According to “Merriam Dictionary”, IDIOM  is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but must be learned as a whole.



A blessing in disguise – happens unexpectedly
Action speaks louder than words – it is better to do than just to talk about it
Apple of my eye – someone who is favorite among others
Beat around the bush – avoiding the main topic
Bite your tongue – to avoid talking
Bring home the bacon – bring the success
Cost an arm and leg – only use when something is very expensive
Dry run – rehearsal
Finger linckin’ good – very tasty food or meal
Get over it – to move beyond from something  that bothers you
Good Samaritan – someone who helps others wholeheartedly.No thought of reward
It’s a small word – you see the people in different place,  frequently
Kill two birds at one stone – finish two different things at a time
Lend me your ear – to politely ask for someone’s full attention
Make a long story short – come to the point
Once in a blue moon – happens rarely
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