On the second day of preparation for Halloween, we can really see the teachers maximizing their efforts in making the place look spooky and exciting!


The welcome signs look great teachers! Good job! Oh, and I like the adorable owl!


It looks like Teacher Eppie is having some serious cleaning problems. Also, Teacher Jane appears satisfied in her spider cave and Teacher Feodda is having  a little potion party with a witch. What’s this? Offerings to the Halloween Goddess? Look! I can see Teacher Blanche through the glass window being attacked by a bunch of Jack-O-Lanterns! Uhm, Ladies, you can clean that up after Halloween, don’t worry.


Ghosts! Spiders! Reapers! Jack-O-Lanterns! Skulls! Bats! More ghosts!


And what’s a Halloween party without a witch on a broomstick? Oh, these look fantastic. I think this will be a very memorable Halloween for everybody, knowing that this will be the very first Genius English Halloween party! Oh, and I almost forgot, GIANT TIM BURTON STYLE DOOR! 😀



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