fitness-at-genius-englishAre you worried about gaining some pounds after dining at some of Cebu’s finest restaurants? Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling flabby and unmotivated? Worry not! At Genius English Proficiency Academy, studying English has never been this… SWEATY! That’s right! Ignite your motivation in learning English by staying fit!

 Our brand new treadmills, elliptical trainer machines, and stationary bicycles will help you eliminate those unwanted muffin tops and saggy thighs. Work on your arm strength and chest with our incline bench, shoulder press and preacher curl station. You can sculpt the abs of your dreams, get rid of that extra blubber from your body, improve your stamina, or just be energized and feel healthy with the help of the wide variety of equipment in our fitness gym.

Enjoy an atmosphere of wellness and stay inspired by training with your fellow students after class. For beginners, we have a team of experienced staff willing to assist you with your exercises.

In the pictures shown above, we can see our students enjoying at our fitness facility. Lulu (from Taiwan) is working up a sweat on the treadmill. Yuta (from Japan) looks like he’s having a good time lifting the dumbbell. Vlad (from Russia) is firing it up at the cable machine. Kazu (from Japan), however, appears frustrated. Good luck with that Kazu!

 Study General English, Business English, IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC in  the Philippines! Enroll now at Genius English Proficiency Academy and enjoy the benefits of a culturally diverse English academy that promotes fitness and is conducive to learning!

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