Philippine schools are prepared to accept students after a coronavirus pandemic

Genius English students

Genius English students

Genius English Academy,  like many other schools, was forced to stop its work due to the pandemic. And naturally this event affected the future of the school. In 2022, after two years of pause, the school opened its doors not only with a new name, but also with a new president and renovated, spacious rooms. There are also things that the school carefully preserved and took along on a new journey, such as:

  • warm homelike atmosphere
  • focus on individual approach to each student 
  • native speaker classes
  • individual and group classes

We’ve added a whole new learning format for students who are just starting to learn English. And for continuing and advanced students, we’ve added various classes.


Learn English in a game form

Before the opening, we focused not only on the qualitative construction of the lesson, but also thought up useful rest after classes. In our activity schedule you can see:

Genius English activity

Genius English activity

  • zumba
  • educational games
  • tennis
  • billiard
  • table football
  • visiting Philippine’s major attractions





As well as the board games our students loved. Just imagine…

In the evening, students, which you became close friends with, gathered at a round table on comfortable sofas. English is spoken everywhere, and you open the box with table games. To choose you have:

 ◦ werewolf

 ◦ 5 second

 ◦ taboo

 ◦ deluxe mancala

 ◦ uno

 ◦ monopoly 

 ◦ chess

All the games are so interesting that you can’t decide which one to choose. Yet you decide to go with “werewolf”…

(Participants are divided into 2 teams: villagers and werewolf, each player has a role. Which side you are on today, decide the cards. Your job is to protect your hero and negotiate to win over all participants) 

…You are so passionate about the game that the language barrier is disappearing and you can express your thoughts more clearly every day

Board games are a great opportunity to practice English in the game form. In the evenings in our living room you will always feel comfortable and entertained. And if you need a quiet place to study, then you can always use the study room. 


What do you eat in Genius English?

For students we have 3 meals per day in the school dining room. For breakfast you can choose omelette and toast with various toppings. Lunch and dinner includes:

Genius English meal

Genius English meal

– two kinds of rice

– chicken/beef/seafood

– vegetables cooked in different styles 

– soup

– juice

There are always refreshments and snacks available to purchase. 


Join our students!

Genius English Proficiency Academy

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