Genius English Proficiency Academy takes pride in making every student’s learning experience unforgettable. From the first day to the last, what better way to celebrate those memories than by giving them a graduation they will cherish for the rest of their lives. At Genius, we value our students’ achievements regardless of how short they have stayed or the course they took. Everybody deserves a memorable celebration at Genius English Proficiency Academy!

Students can celebrate their graduation ceremony at two of our facilities: the second floor lounge and the super cozy lobby at the first floor. The spacious and inviting area, the laser lights and tiki lamps (my personal favorite), and the open sky view at night all contribute to the awesome experience our students enjoy at the second floor. In our fully air-conditioned lobby, students can sit back and relax on our comfortable couches while basking in the ambiance of chill/house/electronic music as their graduation takes place. We have conducted graduations ceremonies for hundreds of students at these facilities and the numbers grow every week!

Of course, these events wouldn’t be possible without the help of the dedicated people behind these celebrations. Our I.T. personnel, John, Artu, and Joan put their artistry and years of experience to come up with the best video presentations for the graduating students. Teachers Jill and Cholo are in charge of the lights and sounds, which give the events a lively touch. Last but definitely not the least, Teachers Red, Naomi, and Eppie spice up the night and make the celebration complete with their awesome hosting skills.

Here at Genius, that is how important every student is for us. Whether they are first time students or returnees, short or long stayers, General English or Special Course students, their memories and achievements will always be celebrated in the best way possible. Come study with us! At Genius English Proficiency Academy, we prove you can!


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