On October 30, 2015, Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated its very first Halloween party. Students, teachers, and staff were very enthusiastic and dressed up as terrifyingly adorable creatures!

In this picture, we can see the office staff looking great with their very creative Halloween costumes! Kate is dressed up as a steam punk robot girl while Natali sports her impressive vampire look. Miss Karen is looking great with the classic witch costume and Artu looks like one of the ghosts from Pacman! Minnie mouse seems to be the inspiration for Mae’s outfit while Jonathan is looking cool with that Joker make up. Kevin and Carol are wearing the all time favorite glowing devil horns, and Yuki, well, I honestly don’t know what that costume is supposed to be… a Mardigras Batman, perhaps?


Next, we can see some of the Genius teachers looking fashionably horrifying. Eppie and Rodel resemble zombies from classic zombie apocalypse movies and Marly, one of the Halloween fashion show winners, is showing off her corpse bride look. Emily and Jane are looking adorable in those witch costumes. Little Red Riding Hood (Claire) and Wednesday Adamms (Blanche) look perfect! Oh, I almost forgot, that hairy creature there is actually Teacher Levi! SPOOKY!

teachers 2

Here are some more pictures of teachers, together with the students and staff! (My personal favorites: “The killer cardboard box” and “The mummy in denim shorts”.)

teachers 1 group 4 group 5 group 3 group 2 group 1

Also, on that night, three of our students graduated and received their certificates! Congratulations Mehdi, Rikako, and Rina!


And now, let’s give a round of applause to the Halloween fashion show winners! (From left to right) Marly, the beautiful “Corpse Bride”, Sherry as the powerful “Maleficent”, Jonathan as “The Joker”, and “The Murder Brothers” Mark and Meshari!


Last, but definitely not the least, this picture shows the generosity and kindness of our Arabian students. After the party, they surprised everyone with a lively welcoming cafeteria full of Arabian specialties! Chevon, chicken, and vegetables were served for everybody! That night was surely unforgettable! Thank you for the wonderful food!



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