What is the difference between children‘s and adults’ language tours?

First of all, this is a different intensity of training programs. Children’s language tours, as a rule, are carried out during the holidays, which means that the program is designed in such a way that children have time not only for studying, but also for outdoor activities. Children’s programs in Genius English include additional classes in the form of creative pastimepastimes. Children’s language tours are mainly carried out by groups in which there is always a leader who vigilantly monitors the children’s compliance with the daily routine, class schedules, tasks, etc. Children do not leave the school grounds on their own and, instead they go on excursions prepared for them as part of their groups.

Cambodian student at Genius English

Cambodian student at Genius English

As for language tours for adults, everything is completely different here. More freedom in the choice of the intensity of  pastime activities.

Language tours for adults can be divided into two main types: recreation with light training and intense training with the possibility of recreation.

In the first option, the main purpose of the trip to the Philippines will be recreation, accompanied by a small number of training classes.

When choosing this option of a language tour, the number of study hours, as a rule, is chosen no more than 4, which allows you to finish your studies in the first half of the day and devote the remaining time to rest.

In this light version of the study, the General English course, 4 lessons per day, include both individual and group lessons, at your discretion. Our school gives the student the right to choose.

When choosing schools for this type of education, it is more expedient to pay attention to schools located oin Mactan, closer to the coast. Genius English has its own beach, however, cannot be considered complete. The muddy bottom and the shallow depth of the sea, even at high tide, make it not enjoyable swimming in the sea.

However, our school is located next to hotels with well-equipped beaches, where you can go to relax for an additional fee. Some of the nearby hotels offer inexpensive day passes, allowing you to enjoy not only a beach holiday, but also swimming pools, gyms, and, in some cases, a sauna located on site. Genius English offers free vouchers for the gym, beach and pool at Blue Water Maribago. The hotel is located 8 minutes walk from the school.

If you choose a language tour with a focus on relaxation, you should also pay attention to the public holidays when school is not held and you can organize a trip to neighboring islands for yourself.

Japanese student at Genius English

Japanese student at Genius English

The second version of the language tour for adults is the emphasis on learning English, and then rest, if there is free time.

This option is chosen by those who have a clearly defined goal in learning English. In this case, it is more expedient to choose a course of study with the largest number of classes. With an 8-hour school day, you will be less tempted to be distracted from your studies. The maximum number of classes, taking into account additional hours of independent work, in a specially designated Study Room, can reach up to 13 hours a day. Moreover, while staying at the school, you can still attend activities organized by the school. Here you surround yourself with 24/7 English practice, interacting with other students, teachers and school staff.

On weekends, you will have the opportunity to go on an excursion with students or go out with them to the city.


Genius English allows its teachers to interact with students outside of school hours, which gives students the opportunity to also invite teachers to join them on walks around the city.

Russian student at Genius English

Russian student at Genius English

Language tours for adults are always freedom of choice, which concerns not only the mode of study and the English language course. As part of your language tour, you can always plan a trip after the end of the course. This will allow you not only to improve your English, but also to make sure that the training you have completed is effective, applying all your knowledge on your next trip.

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