Genius English Proficiency Academy successfully conducted “A Dark Room Expo”, a short training course on the history and basics of photography. It was presented by Nacho, one of our Spanish students, who is an experienced professional underwater photographer. Students and teachers stayed after class hours to learn how the modern camera found its way to popularity and became an important tool in our lives. Held on November 4, 2015 at Genius English Proficiency Academy lobby, this two hour session was indeed very informative.

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From aperture, exposure, and all of those technical terminologies we often hear from photographers, to those complicated looking buttons, dials and symbols we see on our camera, Nacho clarified every single one of them. He even gave the audience some tips on how to shoot an effective selfie! We are sure that after this session, the teachers and students are more inspired (and careful) in capturing moments and turning them into a photo masterpiece. Thank you, Nacho!


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