Why Genius English

  • Accredited by the Bureau of Immigration, Security Exchange Commission and TESDA.
  • We have 1 on 1 classes (one student with the teacher) which will give the student the full attention of the teacher.
  • We have the best teachers as we have native teachers (American and British) together with Filipino teachers.
  • We have University Pathway Program (This is a program designed for students aspiring to enter and study in one of the top-notch universities and colleges) .
  • Genius English Proficiency Academy in partnership with renowned institutions will provide the experience and knowledge that students will need towards fulfilling their dreams .
  • We also teach TOEFL and TOEIC, Business EnglishAviation English Course
  • Our students come from different countries like (Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy, France, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Korea,.) which will help you meet new different nationalities and different cultures and will help you improving your English language
  • We Also have special program studying with excursions (Study And explore the best places in the Philippines)
  • We have our Accommodation inside our school .
  • Our School Located by the Sea
  • Sea View Accommodation
  • We have our own swimming pools


For more info

Email: info@studyenglishgenius.com

Skype: geniusenglishacademy

Contact #: (+63)32.236.1442

Website: www.studyenglishgenius.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GeniusEnglishProficiencyAcademy