Genius English Students- 3D World Adventure! (Study in the Philippines)


Have you ever been to a Museum that is exciting wonderful creative art without spending too much of your penny? Cebu got it for you!

Genius English Proficiency Academy sent their students to the Cebu Happy World Museum as one of the school’s outdoor activities. It is located at Gabi, Cordova Cebu with a P350 entrance fee for adults and discounted for students. Cebu Happy World Museum caters different three-dimensional art and optical illusion exhibits that surely you will enjoy.

Likewise, Our students were having fun and enjoyed their 3D world adventure. And also they didn’t miss the chance to take a photo on every art they have seen from the Jurassic animal art section, World Famous Art section to the ocean art section.  You can read more here.

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Studying English is a stressful one yet an enjoyable one most especially if that combines with an exciting 3D world adventure outdoor activities.



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