We have good news for you. Special offer! $999 for 4 weeks of English tuition and

accommodation with meals! Ready? Fly in!

Genius Academy Special offer

Genius English Academy Students

Special offers always look tempting, don’t they? However, you should not grab onto them

immediately and thoughtlessly.

The Genius English 999 offer is beneficial. But let’s see if it suits everyone?

Who should take advantage of the special offer from Genius English? Let’s figure it out.

What are the conditions for our special offer?

English language training for 4 weeks. The course of study is General English.

The number of classes per day is 5, of which 2 are group and 3 are individual.

Accommodation in a triple room with three meals a day, including weekends and holidays. The accommodation also includes cleaning of the room once a week, change of linen and laundry once a week.

So, the terms are clear. Now let’s think about who is comfortable with terms such as these. The offer includes a course of study – General English, which means that if you need a different course, then this special offer is not for you. However, if you need to improve your General English level before starting a special course such as IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL preparation, then thanks to our special offer, you can save. Take the first month of General English at a special price and then the course of your choice.

The Genius English 999 course includes 5 lessons per day. Whereas standard intensives

include 6 and 8 lessons per day. Who benefits from a flexible lesson schedule?

Genius English Academy Students

Genius English Academy Students

For those who are going to learn a language for the first time. If you have not yet tried to learn English with immersion in the language environment, then the intensive courses even at 6 hours a day may seem like a big burden for you. In this case, the Genius English 999 offer will be convenient for you to start with an easier

and more beneficial option.


Another such lightweight option can be convenient and beneficial for those who plan to come to study English for several months. Suppose you have given yourself 3-4 months to study English. You can start with less intense course of study at 5 hours a day, then move up to more intensive classes of 6 or 8 sessions a day at a more suitable time.

Another option is also possible. Let’s say you immediately took a hard pace and study 8 lessons a day. After 4 weeks, you realize that intensive English language training is too much work for you. In this case, you can also take advantage of our special offer and switch to an easier mode, while increasing your time for the practical use of the English language.


What to do after class?

It is quite a reasonable question what to do after school if they end at 2-3 pm.

First, homework. Yes, we have homework. It doesn’t matter if you study in a light version with a special offer or in a full intensive course.

Secondly, you have more time to practice English in full immersion. Go to a cafe, a fruit market,

a shopping center – where the people around you speak English. Go to the cinema, films are shown here in English.

Genius Academy Special offer

Genius EnglishAcademy Students

In our school, “open” lessons are allowed, on the street, in a cafe, by the pool. You can also communicate with teachers after the lessons are over, having previously discussed this with the teacher and your student manager.

An ideal option for practicing English is a diving course that will allow you to enjoy the delights of the underwater world of the Philippines, and in the future, other countries. During class, you will have to listen, ask and answer questions. Practice is the best option for learning a language. In other words, communicate.


So let’s sum it up. Who benefits and is comfortable with training under the Genius English 999 special offer? Beginners to learn English. Profitable and convenient. Shortened school day, more time for self-study and practice. Those who need to prepare for IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL tests, but the level of general English is not yet sufficient. You can save money on the preliminary General English course, while leaving

yourself time for self-study.


For those who want to learn the language slowly. The measured pace of the lessons, more time for free movement with conversational practice.

For those who just want to save money. The difference in price between the full price and the special offer is obvious. Accommodation in a triple room also provides certain advantages in communicating with roommates.

If you still have questions about our Genius English 999 special offer, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to answer you.


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