Last Friday Genius English Proficiency Academy held another graduation for the graduating student. Fifteen Genius English students were graduated. They were from Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Russia. The graduation started by the opening remarks from the emcee and right after that is playing the graduation video of each graduating student followed by giving of the certificates. The ceremony had been lively, full of inspiring messages from the students yet an emotional one. Emotional? Yes, because someone will bid goodbye yet it’s not the end of the graduating students’ journey. As what they say “Graduation is not the end, but a beginning of your career”. In addition to that, two of our students Mizuki (Japan) and Han (Vietnam) had a surprise video from their close friends who had been also studying here in Genius English Proficiency Academy. Their friends greeted and wish them a successful career. We are overwhelmed knowing that the students do have communication and still close from each other though they are far. Lastly, the Genius English graduation ends up with fantastic and amazing video created by Alex (Russia). The video is about during his stay here in the Philippines and of course his stay here in Genius English Proficiency Academy.

Furthermore, Genius English Proficiency Academy graduation is celebrated every Friday of the week to honor and give certificates to those students who have been accomplished their English Language studies for a period of time. Thank you students for your trust and studying with us, good luck in your future endeavors! We will not say Goodbye, but rather we will say “See you again”.

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Farewell Genius English students – Official Blog of Genius English

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