It’s a wonderful night for all Filipinos at Genius yesterday. The Genius English Proficiency Academy celebrated the Filipino Day. Our Genius teachers explained the culture, location, traditions, and many things about the Philippines. They also presented the most popular traditional dance in Cebu — the Sinulog.

Our teachers taught our students the meanings and pronunciations of some Filipino words, especially the Cebuano language. They also presented some videos about the beautiful places and beaches of the country.

Aside from the informative discussion, our students really enjoyed the Filipino games. They learned a lot about the Filipino culture and some terminologies which are very useful in the daily lives of the Filipinos.

After the Filipino games, our teachers introduced the Filipino foods and all of our students tasted them especially the famous street food of the Philippines which is called “balut.” It is usually a duck egg. It is boiled and eaten from the shell. This type of food is popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and most of all in the Philippines.




Philippines Culture and Traditions- Landscapes

– The Philippine rice terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terraces were built about 2,000 years ago.


Philippines Culture and Traditions- church

– The Baclayon church in Bohol was built using coral stones and egg white. It is one of the oldest churches in the country which was completed in 1927.


Philippines Culture and Traditions- people

– The Philippines has a population of more than 100 million people.


Philippines Culture and Traditions- bridge

– The longest bridge in the Philippines is the San Juanico Bridge that connects Leyte and Samar. It is 2.162 km. in length and 10.620 m. in width.


Philippines Culture and Traditions- Money

– Philippine Peso is the unit of currency in the country.


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Thank you to all the students who attended this celebration, especially to all the teachers and staff for the efforts and talents you have shared with everyone.

See you next time guys! Happy Filipino Day! 🙂


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