After the celebration of the Russian day. Now, it’s time to celebrate the Japanese day at Genius English. It’s another wonderful moment to experience the Japanese culture and traditions.

Our Japanese students showed us some videos that tackled the different information like the inhabitants, transportation, beautiful landmarks, and some things made in Japan.

After showing the videos, they asked some questions regarding the countries. The audience was divided into 4 groups (Group A, B, C, and D). All of them were enjoying thinking about the answers to the questions. The Group C was the winner and got the prize.

Aside from the very nice videos and presentations, they also prepared some games for the audience from different countries so that they will be involved and experienced to be with the Japanese people. It was really entertaining!

After the very funny games, they had prepared at the dining area some Japanese food. It was so tasty and savory. Everyone was full and satisfied not only with the information but also the food they prepared.


– Japan is one of the safest and least violent countries in the world. The gun-related homicide cases are very rare in this country.

japan gun

– Japan is the 10th most populous country in the world next to Russia.

Japanese culture-and people

– Sushi is one of the oldest Japanese dishes, going back to the 8th century.

japan food


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Thank you so much, Japanese friends! Your presentations were truly awesome. Thank you also to all the students, teachers, and staff who joined this nationality day, featuring the land of the rising sun, “Japan.”

See you next Japanese day! 🙂


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