Perhaps, some of you are very interested to know the traditional games in the Philippines. Like the other countries, the Philippines has a lot of games where you can see the children on the street playing them. In the cities, you will rarely see these games because of the technology today which the people used to do when they have leisure time and want to have fun.

There is a variation of the rules of the games depending on the area of the country.

Here are some of the popular and traditional games in the Philippines.


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10. Taguan

This game is very common. It is the Philippine version of hide-and-seek. It can be played by 2 or more players. Even the other countries have this type of game where the players will hide around the area while the it is counting or chanting.

While seeking the hiding players, the it should not be touched by any of the players. If so, he will be the it again. The first sought-player will the it after the current it sought all the players.


Filipino Games

9. Agawan Base

In this game, there are two teams with their bases. It can be played by 4 or more players. The base should be protected by the players. All you have to do is to touch the base (can be a tree or house) of your opponent to get a score.

Once you are tagged by your opponent, you will be transferred to opponent’s base and should be rescued to any of your teammates.


8. Luksong Baka

Luksong Baka is also known as “Jump over the cow.” It can be played by 2 or more players. There should be one crouching player and the other player will jump over him. When a player successfully jumped over the crouching player in every round, the crouching player will gradually stand up and so on until the player will unable to jump over the it or the crouching player.


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7. Luksong Tinik

It is also known as “jump over the thorns.” There will be two players serve as the thorns of the game. Their hands will be the thorns of the players who will jump over them. When the players successfully jumped over the thorns, the thorns will increase by putting another hand above. When the jumping player hits the thorns, he will be punished or else be the one who will serve as a thorn.


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6. Sipa

Sipa is also known as “game of kick.” It can be played by 2 or more players. Most of the children used a small encircled-metal plate with a hole in between where the small plastic is attached to it.

The player should throw the object above and hit/kick it several times. The players should count the number of kicks while hitting the object. When the object touches the ground, the counting will be stopped and the next player will be the one to play it. The player with the highest count of numbers will be the winner.

It can also be played using a ball which is made of rattan or plastic which is played by the professional Filipino athletes. The game called Sepak Takraw and is very popular in Asia.


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5. Tsato/Syato

It is also known as “stick game, better be good at it.” It can be played by 2 or more players. The players will use two sticks. The sticks should be different in size. The one will be longer than the other as the batter of the short one (1 m; 5 in). Just make a small slanting hole on the ground for the smaller stick.

Player A will be the hitter and Player B will be the catcher. When Player A hits the smaller stick, the Player B should catch it. If Player B doesn’t catch it, Player A will put the longer stick down the hole horizontally and Player B has a chance to hit the longer stick from the area where the smaller stick has dropped in. If Player B doesn’t hit it, the smaller will be placed on the hole vertically on its ground and Player A will hit the top of it and try to hit it many as he could so that he could get a higher score. The measurement of the smaller stick will be the count of his scores from the area where it dropped in after hitting and each count will be counted as how many times the number of hits is. Player B has a chance to catch the smaller stick while Player A hitting it. If Player B catches the stick, he will be the hitter now and Player A will be the catcher.

As punishment, the winner will hit the smaller stick for 3 times until it reaches a long distance. The punished player will say the word “syato” while running through the hole and the voice should not stop. If so, the winner will hit the smaller stick again on the area where the punished player has stopped and the punished player will say the word again and so on.


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4. Patintero

It can be played by 6 or more players and will be divided into two teams. The ground has lines made by water, sand, or soil.

The players should cross the lines and should not be touched by the other team who is the it. Only the front it is allowed to intersect the perpendicular line. When a player is tagged while crossing, the other team will be next players to cross the lines.

In rural areas, children love to play it when it is full moon.


3. Chinese Garter

This game is very famous for the girls and they love to play it. It can be played by 3 or more players.

The two people hold both ends of the garter. Mostly it is made of thin rubber. The garter starts at the ankle-level and the players should cross the garter through leaping. Each successful round, the garter will gradually go at the upper level i.e knee, waist, head, and above the head.

When a player is unable to cross the garter, then he will be the one to hold it.


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2. Piko

It is also known as hopscotch. It can be played by 3 or more players. To start the game, the players should throw their cue ball to the moon, wings, or chest depending on their agreement. When a player gets the nearest place that they have agreed upon, he will be the first player, and the next nearest is the second to play the game, and so on.

All they have to do is to step on the boxes successfully. They have to get their cue balls by following exactly the boxes or parts of the entire drawing either using one or two legs back to the starting point.


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1. Tumbang Preso

This game is very famous for boys but girls can play it, too. It can be played by 2 or more players. This is the game you will often see on the streets in different areas of the Philippines. The objects to be used in this game are slippers and tin can.

The can will be at the inside of a circle which is guarded by a prisoner and will be hit by the players using their slippers (also known as “pamato” in the Philippines). When a can knocks down, the prisoner should get it and put again inside the circle in a standing position. When there is a slipper inside the circle, the prisoner can step on his foot on the slipper or hit it using the can, and the owner of the slipper will the prisoner. A player can get his pamato while the other players hitting the can. If he will be tagged by the prisoner while getting his pamato before he reaches the throwing line, then he will be the prisoner.

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Now, let us play the Philippine traditional games. These would be fun to play with your friends. It is not only good for your physicality but also your mentality.


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