English courses in the Philippines have long been gaining popularity. The demand for this direction is growing year after year, and even the protracted pandemic did not affect the development of this direction. In this regard, more and more new schools are opening, while the old schools of English are increasingly diligently improving their service, developing, and, thereby, attracting an increasing number of students. In such a situation, it becomes more and more difficult to choose a school according to your needs. The question “How to choose the best language school in the Philippines?” sure sounds in your head. Here we will notice that in the concept of “the best school of English”, everyone puts their own meaning. For some, living conditions and the quality of food are a priority, for others, the availability of certain programs, the presence of experienced and highly qualified teachers and foreign teachers, the presence of students of different nationalities, etc. Thus, it turns out that everyone has their own idea of best school of English, and in our opinion, the answer to this question cannot be the same for everyone.

Genius English Academy

Genius English Academy

However, if you are used to making your decisions based on online research then today according to the “opinion of the Internet”, the best school of English in the Philippines is the Genius English school. And there is every reason for that opinion. 

The Genius English school includes almost all of the above pluses and continues to improve on each of these points.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

Why is Genius English considered the best in terms of living conditions?

Genius English Accommodation

Genius English Accommodation

The rooms for students in ours language school are noticeably larger in size than other schools. All rooms, regardless of the category of accommodation, are different and unique. Each room is decorated in its own style. In addition to the standard room accommodations (beds, air conditioning, toilet, hot shower and wardrobes), absolutely every room in Genius English has a kitchen area, a balcony, a seating area and a safe for each student. Among other things, the hostel has rooms with a sea view, where, if desired, you can enjoy your morning coffee.

Genius English rooms

Genius English seaview room

The food in our school is adapted to many nationalities. Rice, chicken, beef, vegetables and fresh green salads are a base and always on the menu. Three meals a day on any day of the week, no exceptions.

The Genius English school is very well located, on the coastline, on the same territory as the EGI hotel. By special agreement with the hotel, our students can use the pools and beach area of the hotel. However, the quality of the beach should not be overestimated. Unfortunately, the muddy, sloping bottom, exposed at low tides, does not allow you to enjoy a full-fledged swim in the sea.

Our school is located in a very busy area, within walking distance of fruit markets, a supermarket, a variety of cafes and fast food restaurants and various national cuisines.

Also within walking distance are several hotels with beaches rated from 3 to 5 stars and a casino.

Curriculum at the language school Genius English

In terms of language programs, Genius English School offers a list of courses from General, Business English and preparation for international exams IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL. The intensity of each of the courses in all of the listed programs is offered to choose from 6 or 8 hours of study per day, only 2 hours of which are group classes.

Genius English teachers


Genius English teachers

Genius English group class

Group lessons in Genius English school are held by both foreign and local teachers and Individual classes by Filipino teachers. Local teachers are carefully selected and their resumes meticulously reviewed for items such as work experience and qualifications, also, close attention is paid to the personal qualities of each of the teachers. 

Genius English is the most multinational language school in Cebu

Students of our school come back to study with us 2 or more times. Among the nationalities of students in Genius, not only Japanese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese are noted.

Our school is famous for a large number of Arabs, Russians, Kazakhs and Mongols. To a lesser extent, but regularly there are Spanish, Brazilians, Germans, Swiss, Turks, Thais, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Canadians. Needless to say, in such a multinational society of students, learning is always more interesting. Many of the students find friends with whom they keep in touch after their studies. 

The next point that should be especially noted at the Genius English school is a very rich and active entertainment program. This is by far the best entertainment program among Cebu schools. The list of daily after-school activities at this language school includes more than just table tennis and zumba. This list includes board games, days of national cultures, billiards and table football tournaments, karaoke and special games for the development of English skills. 

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that on several of the most significant points on the list of priorities of our clients, Genius English is truly the best language school.

We are looking forward to you reaching out with any questions you might have and answering them in detail.

Genius English Proficiency Academy

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