The Philippines is a tropical country near the Pacific ocean. It was conquered by different countries these past years. There is a lot of traditions in the country. Now, let us see the unique traditions of the Filipinos which are still practicing until today.

The following traditions are generally practiced by the people all over the country. There are some unique traditions but only a few people used to do it which are not included in this blog.


1. Pukpok

method to circumcise in the philippines
The word “pukpok” is the Filipino term for the method of circumcision in the Philippines. The boys will undergo this kind of method without using anesthesia needle to lower the pain. Nowadays, the circumcision will be made by the doctors


2. Harana (Serenade)

way of courting a girl in the philippines
This is one of the most romantic acts of the Filipinos when they court the girl they love. They will sing a beautiful song while they play the guitar or any musical instruments. If they don’t how to sing and play the guitar, they will hire some people to do so.

In this generation, you will rarely see this act but some people still doing it.


3. Pagmamano

way to respect the elders in the philippines
Pagmamano is a sign or gesture as respect to the elders. They will get the hand of the elder and put it into their foreheads. The Filipinos do it to all the elders especially their parents.

Today, people also used to kiss the hand or do a cheek-to-cheek kiss of the elders as their greeting.


4. Kamayan (Eating with hands)

eating with hands in the philippines
This is one of the unique traditions of the Filipinos where they eat using their hands without using the spoon and fork. Most of them are saying that they will greatly taste the food by using their hands. They also like to feel and touch what they eat for.


5. Balikbayan boxes

box for the filipinos
The Balikbayan boxes are the boxes from the person who is working outside the country and send them to the Philippines. Most of the items inside the boxes are clothes, chocolates, shoes, and a lot more which are very useful to their families and relatives. The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are now considered as the new heroes of the country. They contributed a big help for the country’s economy.

This is one of the choices of the Filipinos to have a job with a quite big salary. They sacrifice to leave their families in the Philippines while working in the very far countries.


6. Living with parents

happy family in the philippines
This tradition is somehow opposite to the other countries, especially in the United States. The children in the Philippines are always living with their parents until they get married. This is one of the reasons why they are very close to each other. The married couple can live with them or separately by buying or building their own house.


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