Most of us love to watch movies. This is one of the favorite hobbies wherever you are in right now.

There are many reasons why people watch movies. Perhaps, they watch for enjoyment, business, or education.

Try to read these tips about learning English from movies.


learn english through movies

1. Choose a movie.

Choose a movie that you love to watch. This is a good motivation for you to learn faster. When you watch a movie that you don’t really like, it can reduce your motivation. So, choose wisely when watching a movie so that your time will not be wasted.


learn english through movies-1

2. Subtitle.

When watching a movie, make sure there is an English subtitle. It will surely help you out from ambiguation. Especially when the characters do not speak clearly the scripts.

You can also watch a movie without using the subtitle. It will you improve your listening skills. Even though there will be lapses or misunderstanding of the story but through their expressions, you could learn what they are trying to say.


learn english through movies-2

3. Take note.

This is one of the best things to do when watching a movie. By taking down notes all the words that seem difficult to you, try to search them on the dictionary to fully understand what do they mean. There are many alternatives you can translate the words. You can bring the dictionary book, browse the words on the internet, and you can install a dictionary application on your phone.


learn english through movies-3

4. Understand.

By translating all you have written in your notes, you should understand the flow of the story so that you could figure them out how the words related to those lines. By understanding the story of the movie could improve your ability in writing when you summarize the movie after watching.


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