Students from around the world in Genius English

Students from around the world in Genius English

As we previously wrote, the Philippines is well known as an English-speaking country. Of course, everyone who chooses English courses in the Philippines may still find certain pros and cons. At the same time, however, we will confidently explain why the Philippines is the most suitable country to learn English, especially for those who are just starting to learn the language.

The biggest benefit of taking English courses in the Philippines is the one-to-one English lessons with a fully qualified teacher. In no other country you will find programs with a lot of one-on-one lessons, a language learning approach which is especially effective for beginners for a number of key reasons.

First, during individual lessons, the student does not have the opportunity to “keep silent”, but is both greatly encouraged and fully supported to answer the teacher’s questions, greatly reducing the fear of speaking in English. This allows an excellent understanding of the topic being studied.

Students in Genius English

Students in Genius English

Second, in one-on-one lessons with the teacher, the student is less shy to ask clarifying questions, so it is easier to feel and remain comfortable in the case of not understanding any of the material. It is with this individual approach that each of the teachers has the opportunity to identify the difficult moments in understanding a particular topic or area of the subject being studied, be it reading, grammar or pronunciation, and to more easily overcome the language learning challenge. Thus, each of the teachers can focus precisely on difficult areas and moments of confusion in learning English, which significantly increases the efficiency in understanding the given material.

Third, learning a language with a one-on-one teacher makes it possible to create a more relaxed and comfortable environment in which learning is so much easier. The individual approach with each teacher helps the student to successfully overcome the language barrier, especially for those who are just starting to learn the language – and this greatly increases student confidence.

Quality of English in the Philippines

One on one classes in Genius English

One on one classes in Genius English

The next very important topic for English learners is the quality of English itself in the Philippines.

English is not native to the local population, it is an acquired language that most of them have been speaking since childhood. Due to the fact that education in private schools, colleges, seminaries and universities is conducted exclusively in English, the knowledge and quality of this language, among a large percentage of the population, is equal to the level of their native language.

The Philippines is the largest base for the world’s call centers, which means that the quality of the English language here is valued very highly in the global market.

The fact that English is only a second language in the Philippines has certain advantages for beginners learning the language. The rate of speech of Filipinos, when speaking in English, is somewhat slower than that of native speakers, which makes it much easier to understand their speech, especially for beginners. Filipino English is a measured, more distinct pronunciation with simpler speech patterns in everyday communication. Even in the fluent English speech of the Filipinos, there is no “swallowing” endings and “jumping” intonation that might prevent beginners from understanding what they hear.

Another clear benefit of Filipino teachers for beginner English learners is the calmness and patience of Filipino teachers, something Filipino teachers are famous for.


Students in Genius English

Students in Genius English

At Genius English, we offer a General English course not only for beginners, but also for advanced students.

Nevertheless, it is in our school that you will find additional advantages for yourself for a good start in learning. Namely, we allow the teacher to communicate with students after school, outside of school, which gives students additional practice with a teacher who knows and studies the tasks of each of his students.

Evening activities held at school also have a positive effect on learning. For beginners, this is first of all the removal of the common language learning barriers including shyness in communicating in English with students of different levels and with teachers who are also present at the activity.


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