What will be the right preposition to be used with the word weekend? This time, let us learn some important things to remember about those prepositions and their meanings within the phrases.

SATURDAY + SUNDAY = The weekend


The word “weekend” should be written in one word.

Weekend —> correct
Week-end —> incorrect
Week end —> incorrect


The prepositions “at” and “on” with the word “weekend” are acceptable depending on the country such as in Britain and America.


She played football at the weekend. (British)
She played football on the weekend. (American English)


There is no need to put “at” or “on” when you use the following.


last weekend —> correct
at last weekend —> incorrect

next weekend —> correct
at last weekend —> incorrect

every weekend —> correct
on last weekend —> incorrect


Another thing to remember:

every weekend —> correct
every weekends —> incorrect
all the weekends —> incorrect


Now, know the meanings of these phrases:

over the weekend = means on both days.
during the weekend = means Saturday and Sunday.
at/on the weekend = means at some point during the weekend.
a long weekend = means a weekend that has at least three days due to a public holiday falling on either the Friday and Monday.


Anna will be staying with us over the weekend.
Jeff will try and fix your telescope during the weekend.
They will be having a long weekend this month.


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